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The Rabbit Man: Easter Eggs Reveled

Updated: Jun 18

Dear Reader,

The stories you are about to read are creepy, terrifying, and fanciful, and they are all intertwined. Taking place in the same universe there are Easter eggs and references to each other scattered throughout the pages. Some are blatant, some are not.

Can you find them all?


Hello Reader!

The Rabbit Man book cover

The above challenge was posed to you at the beginning of your journey through The Rabbit Man collection of short terrors. If you are here reading this now, I shall assume you have survived these dreadful tales and are here to check if the Easter eggs you found are correct and all accounted for.

Continue reading below for a story by story break down of the Easter eggs, and in case you're wondering, YES, there will be spoilers!


The car wash, haunted by Oscar the clown, in the center of this story is the same car wash Timmy mentions going to visit for his birthday in 'Little Piggy'.

Horse Play

Jamie grows up to be an older lady who carries a Nancy Drew tote bag and gets take-out at Royal Bahabba, the same restaurant featured in 'Vanished'.

In the beginning of the story, Jamie mentions deviating from her walk home for the ice cream truck and being scolded by her mother. While this is not expressly described as the same ice cream truck in 'Sickly Sweet', in my mind this is the truck Erin buys when Jamie's ice cream man retires, and Erin becomes the ice cream man vigilante.


Martin mentions watching an online video stream channel that had emboldened him to act upon his most heinous desires. The channel in question, is the dark web channel where Rabbit Man from 'The Rabbit Man' live streams his torture and murders.

The Rabbit Man

The live stream channel on the dark web is mentioned as the motivator behind Martin's acts in 'Obsession'.

During the opening dinner scene in 'Vanished' Trish's husband mentions a man in a rabbit mask committing murders in Portland had been caught and arrested, this is 'The Rabbit Man'.

Detective Blake and Bert are mentioned as being in the same precinct as the cops who find Charles's body in of 'Hound of the Moon'.

Mr. Tibbles

At the end of this story, Mr. Tibbles is tasked with investigating suspicious activity in his area, believed to be caused by The Suits. Mr. Tibbles is directed to a restaurant on Luther Street, this is Royal Bhabba featured in 'Vanished'. The Suits Mr. Tibbles are tasked with investigating, are the same entities that have taken Trish's husband. Subsequently, a fluffy white cat is seen a few times in 'Vanished', this is Mr. Tibbles.

The Order of Sybil Mr. Tibbles belongs too is mentioned in 'Little Piggy'.


During dinner with her husband, he suggests a visit to Portland. Trish mentions a serial killer in a bunny mask being in the news, this is 'The Rabbit Man'.

An older woman with graying hair and a Nancy Drew tote bag gets take-out at Royal Bhabba, this is Jamie from 'Horse Play'.

Sitting at the coffee shop waiting for her husband, Trish sees a lone cat with blue eyes and white fur in the alley across the street, then again when she is casing the vacant restaurant. This cat is 'Mr. Tibbles'.

Little Piggy

Thorton mentions the Order of Sybil sending him a cease-and-desist letter regarding his consumption of human brains. References to 'the cats' and various orders appear throughout the story, these are the same group of Orders 'Mr. Tibbles' belongs to.

Timmy says his parents will take him to a real haunted house for his birthday, one of the options is 'an old ghost town in the desert' this is town and car wash from 'Poison'.

Hound of the Moon

The cops on scene at the Charles's death make a reference to going back to the precinct to do paperwork and that maybe Detective Blake and Bert would still be up, and they could all order pizza. This is the same duo from 'The Rabbit Man'.

Charles's first test in his new body is an ice cream man found with a dead teenager. This is Erin and the teen from the end of 'Sickly Sweet'.

Sickly Sweet

A little girl named Marie-Ann frequents the ice cream truck and is later revealed to have been struck by a drunk driver while on her bike. This is the same Marie-Ann from 'Little Piggy'.

The teen who knocked down the little girl making her drop her treat is the same teen Erin is found with in 'Hound of the Moon'.


Thank you for reading The Rabbit Man and I hope you enjoyed your Easter egg hunt!

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