Legends of Lightning

book one

Hidden Realm

"Author T. R. Slauf has crafted a fantastical and truly

imaginative work of fiction with a perfect balance of

familiarity and originality to offer its audience. In terms

of its presentation of character, I found that the use of

close narration creates a deeper emotional resonance, and

brings readers right into the center of the action with Esther

as their guide. Emotive and passionate with a strong theme

of self-discovery, this is a tale that feels immersive and cinematic in every aspect of its presentation. What results is an atmospheric start to what promises to be a very engaging series, filled with clever twists, exciting action scenes, and plenty of surprises despite being on familiar ground. Overall, I would highly recommend Hidden Realm to fans of dark fairytale atmospheres, heartfelt character presentations, and fans of enigmatic fantasy fiction everywhere."

-- K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

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Hidden Realm (Legends of Lightning) by T. R. Slauf gives me those shivery feelings I’d get while reading the gothic fairy tales, while also blending in the very best elements of epic fantasy and tossing in a dash of horror...The perils the heroes experience feel real and I was completely drawn into their struggles, as each of them deals with the outcomes. Even the “villains” are complex and not easily put into a box as being completely evil. I love the way each of the kingdoms reflects the ruler and their story. Again, the author had done a stellar job of making the characters and the individual tales they inhabit familiar, yet fresh. 

--DL Smith for Artisan Book Reviews

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The story of Hidden Realm is one that is full of mystery and captivating moments. All of this and more is perfectly weaved together into an incredibly entertaining story and this is thanks to the phenomenal author T.R. Slauf who from beginning to end thrills me with her in-depth and compelling literature and brilliant characters!

-- The Read Headed Book Lover

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"Legends of Lightning: Hidden Realm is an exciting debut fit for any fantasy lover. The book takes the Brother's Grimm fairy tales to a whole new extreme, mashing the stories you love into a twisted world of their own full of death, monsters, and addiction.

--The Book Coven--

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"Esther is a complicated character, one who struggles with her identity throughout the novel... "

"Amazing, amazing, amazing book. I loved every minute of it, everything about it. Masterfully crafted plot, world, characters... brilliant!"

"...Exceeded my high expectations! There is so much to love; a librarian protagonist, a cat, twisted and dark fairy tales, engaging characters and riveting plot twists!"

"I couldn't put it down! Esther is such a wonderful character and the world she explores is both enchanting and realistic."

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The Devil Within 2.png

The Devil Within

A Horror Novella

"Amazing! This was not not at all what I thought. It's everything I love. Fast pace, sinister, creepy mental institution. And some gore thrown in for good measure! I will probably read this one again!"

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