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STARRED Book Review: The Rabbit Man

NOTE: Below you will read a read book review for my novel, The Rabbit Man courtesy of the Independant Book Review. I did not alter or edit the original verbiage used by the book reviewer. To read the review on their site directly, click HERE.

The Rabbit Man

by T.R. Slauf

Genre: Horror / Short Stories

ISBN: 9798990364028

Print Length: 162 pages

Reviewed by Melissa Suggitt

What’s your biggest fear? Odds are, it’s lurking in the pages of this chilling collection.

The Rabbit Man by T.R. Slauf is a rollercoaster ride of terror. After reading this collection, you may be double-checking for monsters under your bed at night.

Blending elements of horror, sci-fi, and mystery, audiences are treated to a set of twisted tales that immerse readers in a spine-tingling symphony of dread.

From a haunted car wash filled with the ghosts t to a secret society of cats and a serial killer live-streaming his murders on the dark web in a musty rabbit mask, each and every one of these stories is going to captivate and instill fear in readers. The author achieves this by offering varied points of view, including both victims and perpetrators of some truly heinous acts.

An intriguing thread that seems to weave throughout each story is innocence. Innocent children, a loss of innocence, innocent victims. The stark contrast of this against the violence and evil that takes hold in each story is unbalancing to the reader, creating an atmosphere rife with tension.

Slauf doesn’t just toe the line; he tap-dances on it, skillfully exploring taboos without stumbling into discomfort overload. One of the most stomach-churning examples of this is in “Obsession” when we’re given a front-row seat to the inner workings of a perverted psychopath’s brain in the lead-up to a truly horrific act. It will stick with you for weeks.

Another story that stands out, “Little Piggy,” features a morally gray character exploring human emotions for the first time, adding significant depth to the narrative without sacrificing the gruesome elements. It’s so satisfying to experience this artful balance of horror and emotional nuance, enriching the collection and making it a compelling read for those seeking both frights and intricate plot development.

Part of the fun of this collection is the thrill of finding how each story connects to another. It becomes clearer and clearer as you progress through each story that they are all part of the same twisted web. These Easter eggs are peppered throughout and add a playful element to the journey. It’s quite fascinating to catch a glimpse inside the author’s mind.

But if you have the heart (and stomach) for some brutal horror, you won’t be disappointed in The Rabbit Man. Don’t just read it; survive it.

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