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Reading of the Tarot Cards: Esther's Fate

“You told me you could give me answers. I need them,” Esther

choked through the incense. “How did you know about my parents?

How did you know about my dreams?”

“Sit down, child.” Nikita gestured to the chair across from her.

Esther clumsily sat down, twisting her long raven hair tight between

her trembling fingers.

“I know many things, child, and you are in possession of a great

power the likes of which is disappearing from this earth. Being ignorant

to that power and what hunts you is lethal. I can give you the answers

you desire, but I warn you… you will never be able to turn back from

this moment. You can never unknow what you will learn, and you can

never run from what you must do.”

Nikita’s words hung heavy in the smoky air. Sitting on the dusty

cushion, surrounded by crystals and totems, Esther felt horribly out of

place. She began to second-guess herself. White-hot pain seared her

leg, and her doubts were cut short.

“Do it,” Esther whispered.

Nikita drew cards from her deck, arranging them in the shape of a


She turned over the Chariot card. “You are a traveler between this

realm and the others.”

Next came the Death card. “You were hunted as a child because of


The card of the Hanged Man was next. “Your true parents

sacrificed themselves to save you and your gifts.”

The Lovers came next. “You have met the one who shall be your


The Knight of Swords was turned over next. “For the task before

you is dangerous.”

Nikita flipped the Five of Cups. “Many sacrifices will be made.”

The card of the Devil was next. “Evil will tempt you.”

She then turned over the card of the Empress. “You must unite an

army to fight it.”

The Wheel of Fortune was next. “Your person will be forever

altered by this journey.”

The penultimate card was the card of the Sun. “But you will be


And finally the card of the Enchantress. “Because only you can

complete this task.”

Nikita looked up from the table of cards. “Will you accept your

responsibility, honor your parents’ sacrifices, and become the Realm

Walker you were meant to be?”

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